Future City


January 22, 2018

The University Prep Science and Math Middle School in Detroit, Michigan successfully competed in the 2018 Future City Competition sponsored by the Engineering Society of Detroit. The regional competition was held on January 22, 2018 at the Suburban Showcase Collection event center in Novi, Michigan; just a stone’s throw from Sidock Group’s Novi office. Pictured are Neil MacLellan, the class teacher, David Bussell from Sidock Group’s Novi office, and the presenters from both teams. The teams from University Prep submitted entries for competition for the first time in 2017. The teams worked since October 2017 developing their city plans and building a scale model of their future city according to the annual theme “Age Friendly Public Places”. The school will be competing in the 2019 competition with the theme “Durable and Sustainable Power Systems.” The students in the class work together to simulate city systems using the SimCity software and then develop a city plan and physical scale model to include all of the essential aspects of sustainable growth including zoning, public works, transportation, and energy.

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