Our Master Plan organizes the programmatic elements of Science City along a spiral, circulation framework which affords flexibility and ease of navigation. The observation tower serves as the focal point and, symbolically, connects visitors to the cosmos.

The formal expression of the architecture of Science City references nature as, historically, perceived in Egyptian culture. An urban oasis to be enjoyed all, roads & walkways form a continuous system of routing which spirals toward a central, landscaped park.

The park contains an outdoor plaza featuring an exhibition area; café; and, electronically-timed, water fountains that afford a playful, cooling experience for children and adults.

Our Ideas for Science City, Egypt

Project Display Panel
Competition Challenge

To design a comprehensive master plan and conceptual design for a new ‘Science City’ complex located in Cairo, Egypt. The project program includes exhibition halls as well as a conference center, planetarium, science park, research center, observation tower, administrative offices, and technical/service areas.

Our Solution