3-10-17 MBS box building-1


January 9, 2018
DTE Supplier Performance Management Supervisor, Greg Chiesa, is promoting the Wildlife Habitat Council as a corporate citizenship objective, to which vendors will be evaluated in their support of active projects. As part of this initiative, Sidock Group chose to work with the Michigan Bluebird Society (MBS) and installed 6 bluebird/songbird nesting boxes outside our Lansing office. Gene Wasserman, a MBS representative and creator of the nest boxes available on the MBS website, gave an informative presentation to our Lansing office during a hands-on learning experience on March 10, 2017. He brought presentation boards of photos, books, examples of housing, and answered questions. After the information portion of the presentation, he helped with the assembly of the boxes, and then with the installation, recommending various locations on the property. Though we had 2 of the 6 boxes with nests (1 swallow and 1 wren), we never got nesting birds. MBS is happy with the songbirds we did receive; there is a particular invasive swallow species they would have us discourage from nesting. We are going to make some location changes and will hopefully see better results for 2018.

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