Process Flare Engineering

Sidock Group has experience providing complete engineering services from concept development thru the detailed design phase of the project.  Engineering disciplines available for supporting process flare projects include chemical, mechanical, electrical, controls, civil, and structural.

Process Flare Services:

  • Development of P&I Diagrams
  • Participation in PSM (Process Safety Management) review
  • Development of Flare API (American Petroleum Institute) Data Sheets
  • Vendor bid analysis
  • Creation of multiple bid packages supporting phased construction
  • Foundation design for self-supporting flare tower
  • Foundation design for elevated pipe rack
  • Structural design for pipe rack; including bridges over plant roadways
  • Access platform design for elevated pressure safety valves
  • Design of self-draining safety relief valve piping
  • Design of fuel gas piping system
  • Specification and design of liquid knock-out pots / pressure vessels
  • Evaluation of flare system purge gas requirements
  • Design of purge gas injection stations
  • Specification for Nitrogen bulk storage tank
  • Specification of flare system instrumentation
  • Power distribution to flare air blowers
  • Grounding design for flare stack, pipe rack, foundations, and cable tray
  • Lift plans for flare tower erection
  • Back-up power supply (generator) for flare blower and controls
  • Development of operating procedures