• Proximity to People Mover Railway & Station
  • Proximity to Cobo Hall
  • Proximity to Detroit River and shoreside, earth retention elements
  • Limited traffic routes for transporting debris from site
  • Existing Structural steel:


    • Two T-100 primary roof trusses weighing approximately 700 tons each
    • T-100 truss bottom chord elevation roughly 85 feet above the ground level
    • Truss component weights; some in excess of 50,000 lb.
    • Truss component material thicknesses of 3” for a single ply and 6” for plate/shape combinations
    • Estimated 850 ton additional roof/steel weight beyond that indicated above


Careful planning will ensure an incident-free, deconstruction/dismantling operation in which the safety of the general public & personnel and protection of the local environment hold top priority. Sidock Group is excited to work with Barton Malow to provide deconstruction/administrative services and accepts the challenge of deconstructing a Detroit venue that has celebrated several Stanley Cups.