Structural Engineering

Sidock Group’s structural engineers have decades of experience in all project types; with particular expertise in the heavy industrial sector. From pre-engineered buildings to heavy industrial structures, Sidock Group’s structural engineers can provide a breadth of expertise and service that few other firms can offer.

Structural Services:

• E.O.T. Crane Analysis and Design
• Forensic Engineering
• Assessments and Analysis
• Safety Audits and Upgrades
• OSHA Compliance Reviews
• Settlement Surveys
• Pre-Engineered Buildings
• API/STI Certified Tank Inspections
• Tank Engineering
• Stress Analysis
• Failure Analysis
• Field Measure and “As-Builts”
• Pipe Rack Design
• Wood and Timber Framing
• Analysis and Design of Concrete, Masonry, Steel, and Wood Structures
• Conventional Spread Footing and Deep Foundation Design
• Condition Surveys and Reports
• Feasibility Analysis and Reports
• Construction Sequencing
• Steel Stack Analysis and Design
• Rigging and Lifting Design
• Concrete Restoration Design
• API Certified Tank Inspections

Project Types:

• Steel Mill
• Power Generation
• Chemical
• Refinery
• Commerical
• Municipal
• Education
• Healthcare
• Spiritual
• Office
• Conventional Steel
• Pre-engineered
• Conventional Foundation
• Deep Foundation