Tank Farm Engineering

Material storage is one of the most important aspects of any production facility in the chemical process industry. Sidock Group has over 35 years experience in the design and construction of storage tank farms and their related loading and unloading equipment. We have engineered an impressive array of material storage systems including fuels, solvents, acids, monomers, oil, and hazardous liquids plus many silo type solids storage vessels. These projects usually require the associated distribution systems including pumps, blowers, valving, piping, metering and controls. The systems may also require special venting and emission control for VOC’s generated from hydrocarbons. Sidock Group also provides the design of the secondary containment structures required for these types of projects.

Tank Farm Services:

• Bulk loading / unloading systems
• Filtration
• Metering
• Venting Control
• Pump and air pressure transfers
• API Certified Tank Inspections
• API Inspections To Comply With Current MDEQ FL/CL Requirements
• Heated storage vessels
• Reaction vessels
• Pressurized storage vessels
• Corrosive handling
• Certified API 653 Inspections and Repair Design
• Certified STI Inspections For Shop Erected Tanks
• Tank Settlement Surveys
• Stainless, carbon steel, and fiberglass tanks
• Concrete containment systems
• Pipe and cable tray support/racks
• Vapor vent control systems
• Flammable liquids storage
• Underground storage tanks
• Corrosive storage and handling
• NFPA 30 Compliance Review

Project Types:

• API Certified Tank Inspections
• Above and Below Ground Storage Tank Design
• Pressurized and Atmospheric Storage Vessels
• Tank Repairs
• Loading and Off-Loading Facilities
• Piping and Valve Systems
• Containment Systems and Remote Impounding
• Vapor Vent Control Systems
• Power Generation
• Refinery
• Food Processing
• Chemical Storage
• Rail Car Loading
• Product Blending
• Overflow Protection
• API 650 Tank Installation
• Loading Rack Access Platform and Canopies
• Tank Blanketing Purge Controls
• LPG Storage
• Storage Containment and Impounding